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Become A Partner

Become a Partner Of The Urban Music Basketball Association

The UMBA provides new opportunities for both large and small businesses to reach amateur and professional athletes of the game of basketball. We produce, host events and programs for athletes between the ages 18-40.

The UMBA research has revealed that basketball is the fastest growing participating sport in the world. The UMBA’s unique style and concept will give our youth a positive, competitive, rewarding, and safe environment to showcase their skills and talents to the world.

The Groups are:

  • Everyday young men from ages 18-40. The UMBA will be recruiting in the largest 16 metropolitan states. Our research and statistic indicate that there is a population of 150 million people. At least 20 million of them play basketball at least once a week and over 65% of those people can compete on a UMBA Level.
  • 151 million people in the United States enjoy the game of basketball. They will support their state's team and all activities associated with them.
  • There are billions of sports fans around the world who like to watch good competitive sports. The great game of basketball is huge in Europe and Asia and is growing annually at an increasing rate. The UMBA wants to bridge the gap between your products and our fan base.
  • There are a limited number of opportunities for businesses. Both in retail and the service industry. There are also licensing opportunities available. For partnership opportunities with the UMBA or for more details please contact us at [email protected]


Each UMBA team will assist a minimum of ten students per state. These students will be awarded $500 to $1,000 dollars scholarships. The winners will be chosen based on their essays. In addition, the UMBA will follow up with a selected student throughout the course of the school year to verify their enrollment and progress. The UMBA will arrival unannounced and if the selected student is in class the UMBA will award them a full scholarship for the following year with a possible opportunity for employment upon graduation.

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